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Circular Knitting


The Crafters' Classroom
106 Grand St 06702 Waterbury United States
This 2.5 hour course is an advanced course that assumes you know the fundamentals of knitting. Knitting 101 and Knitting 102 material will not be reviewed. New material that will be covered consists of:

Reading a simple pattern
Joining Knitting in the round
Knitting in the round
Take home packet

Supplies needed for this class:

One pair of size 7 circular knitting needles, 16 inches
One skein of worsted-weight yarn, color of your choice
One tapestry needle
One pair of scissors
Hurricane Hat Pattern (will be provided in class)

You can purchase your supplies ahead of time from a craft store like Michael's or JoAnn's to ensure that you get a yarn color or brand that you like. Alternatively, you may pay the "with materials" cost for this class, and I will provide you with needles and yarn that you can take home with you when the class is over, but note that if you choose the "with materials" option, there will be a very limited selection of yarn choices.

This class includes a 15 minute break. This class teaches from a simple pattern and assumes that you already know the basics of knitting. If you are a beginner and are looking to learn how to knit, look for our Knitting 101 or Knitting 102 classes to learn the fundamentals of knitting!

If you have any questions about the supplies needed for the class, your skill level, additional classes, or private classes, please contact me via facebook at http://www.fb.com/WhiteWhiskerStudios

If you cancel the day of the class: 0% refund
If you cancel the day before the class: 25% refund
If you cancel two days before the class: 50% refund
If you cancel three days before the class: 75% refund

All other cancellations will have 100% refund, including cancellation of the class at the instructor's request.

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